What validating really means to us

Bliss Dynamics
3 min readJun 1, 2021

Providing validation services on delegated Proof of Stake (dPOS) blockchains demands some obvious pre-requisites such as technical aptitude, operational experience, and honesty. But in this article, we wanted to highlight what really matters to us and what sets Bliss Dynamics apart from the herd.


Learning of the environmental impact of Bitcoin and associated Proof of Work blockchains in late 2017 led us to a deep dive on blockchain technology, Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms and subsequently to the discovery of the Cosmos Network.

And in return, Bliss Dynamics maintain our unwavering dedication to making a difference to one of the most urgent and pressing issues of our time, sustainability! 🌱

This is why we are so pleased to participate in Regen Network’s mission to align economics with ecology to drive regenerative land management. Part of this mission will deliver carbon offset credits transferrable through the Cosmos Ecosystem able to be “retired” in offset of carbon emissions.

Regenerative mindsets growing through the Cosmos

Once the technology has reached sufficient maturity and our operations permit, Bliss Dynamics intends to operate on a fully carbon neutral basis. This will feed a portion of our delegation commissions back into Regen Network, supporting the Cosmos Ecosystem and the planet!


Having been involved in the Cosmos Ecosystem since early 2018, we have seen a large number of different opinions, strategies and even conflicts along the way. This is normal for any groundbreaking, disruptive technology, let alone one developed with such high levels of decentralisation.

When delegators choose a validator, they are not only trusting that their tokens are safe from slashing, they are also trusting their governance vote to be used in support of their beliefs. This is why it is imperative that delegators have the information they need to be able to choose validators that fit their governance methodology.

Although delegators can override their validator’s vote on any proposal, realistically, the majority of delegators will not. This is why Bliss Dynamics detail our votes on our website, and are always available in our Telegram Channel for further discussion or justification.

Goal Alignment

Bliss Dynamics does not validate on blockchains simply for the revenue of the commission paid for our services, nor purely for speculation of the future value of the underlying token. We validate because we believe in the projects’ utilities and their value in the future global financial system.

We urge delegators to take a number of actions of due diligence prior to delegating to their chosen validator, or retrospectively checking the actions of their previously chosen validators:

  • Is your validator claiming commission and moving the funds to an exchange to sell for profit, providing downside pressure on token price?
  • Has your validator pledged their operations in support of the network they are validating on?

If you would like assistance in researching your current validator via open blockchain data, then feel free to reach out via our Telegram channel.

Our Strategy

Bliss Dynamics intends to use Gravity Dex for token exchange, e-Money network for stablecoin usage and fiat on/off ramp, Regen network for carbon offsets and Akash Network for sentry deployments in the near future.

As we are still in the very early stages of widespread Cosmos Ecosystem adoption (and blockchain in general), Bliss Dynamics is operating with minimal levels of ‘take income’ so you can be sure that your delegation to us will not support downward pressure on the token price.

As always, DYOR; don’t trust, verify; and Prosper with Bliss Dynamics!



Bliss Dynamics

Providing secure, stable validator services in the Cosmos ecosystem since 2018.