How to passively earn AKT

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3 min readJun 2, 2021

Thank you for your interest in the Akash Network and the Akash Supermini.

Akash Supermini — The most powerful portable supercomputer

Right now, the Supermini is SOLD OUT, has only been made available so far in the U.S. and there are NO plans to market it in other countries. :(

But as you’ll see below, you’re in luck, because the best way to earn money using Akash is to buy and stake the AKT token instead. Please read on.

The first 300 Superminis sold out in a few days, the price was US$1,000 and they won’t be delivered until “late 2021". There is now a waiting list for the Akash Supermini that already has more than 20,000 names on it.

Also, please understand that the Supermini is NOT a miner. Indeed, there is NO MINING on the Akash Network. It is a Proof of Stake network, not Proof of Work (like Bitcoin).

The Supermini can provide compute power to the Akash Network, but Equinix (the world’s largest data centers) has a partnership with Akash and will likely provide a great deal of the cloud computing power on the Akash Network.

Please don’t be disappointed that you can’t get a Supermini. You can earn a huge amount of AKT like this:

  1. The AKT token can now be acquired on:

2. Download the Cosmostation App (for Android or iOS) or get the Keplr Wallet extension for Chrome.
3. Withdraw your AKT from the exchange and send it to your wallet address.
4. Choose a selection of the 64 Validators on the Akash Network.
5. Stake your AKT with those Validators.
6. Claim your staking rewards every day.
7. Then re-stake those daily rewards.

Guess what? Your staking return will be 70% of your initial AKT in the first year alone.

i.e. Buy 100 AKT today and in a year you’ll have 170. (Please note: the inflation rate is constantly diminishing, so staking income won’t always be this large.)

Now … are you sitting down?

From 2022, AKT holders will receive 20% of the revenue generated on the Akash Network. THIS is the big attraction of AKT.

It’s like owning a dividend-paying stock.

Read more about this passive income here:

Please remember:

1. The Supermini is NOT a miner.
2. The Supermini is NOT available outside the U.S.
3. The Supermini waiting list has 20,000 names on it.
4. You do NOT need a Supermini to make a lot of money with AKT.
5. The Supermini is designed to be a provider on the Akash Network. (It’s slated to be pre-programmed so you can plug it in and potentially provide compute power on the Akash Network.)

Welcome to the Akash Community. We think you’ll like it here.

(reprinted with the permission of @SteveSXDT, @ChinaAKT and @johnniecosmos)



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