Bliss Dynamics launches on Chihuahua!

The goodest little dog in the Cosmos.

Enough about roots, tell me about the 🌱carbon neutral🌱 operations!!

With the impending release of carbon credits for purchase on the Regen Network blockchain, Bliss Dynamics commits to swapping a percentage of our $HUAHUA commission on the Osmosis DEX to allow us to purchase and retire enough carbon credits to fully offset our Chihuahua Validator carbon emissions.

Supporting the regeneration economy in the Cosmos.

Further efforts

To signal our commitment to the environment, we have included the 🌱 in our Moniker.

But Why?

Because Chihuahuas deserve to roam the luscious parks and forests of this beautiful planet for generations to come.




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Bliss Dynamics

Bliss Dynamics

Providing secure, stable validator services in the Cosmos ecosystem since 2018.